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Krieg with Mania/Hellborn - viable?Borderlands2.

[Build] Hellborn Krieger - Bloodlust/Hellborn. By Dank Rafft. A build guide for Krieg the Psycho for Level 61 and Level 72. Dealing gun and elemental damage, get the most out of specific gear, don't rely on the action skill and look like a badass who never dies! Rate. Favorite. Hellborn is the third of Krieg's three skill trees. The Hellborn tree focuses on elemental effects, particularly setting oneself on fire. His other skill trees are Bloodlust and Mania. Tier 1 Burn, Baby, Burn - Increases burn damage and the chance to set oneself on fire., Fuel the Fire - Kill.

Just reached second capstone with Krieg UVHM, lvl 57 and while my somewhat standard Mania/Bloodlust build with a RR shield is working wonders, I feel like trying Hellborn Krieg.
10/09/2013 · This is the only problem with krieg atm, You need a certain build to do anything usefull, But guns you can use almost anything. Anyway these are the things I USE and work the best out of what I have used sorry if some of the new perl weapons are better, I. krieg hellborn build Aug 14, 2013 · Fire Fiend is a great skill for this build as Krieg can still depend on melee, and the chance to ignite enemies on fire with melee means you.

03/06/2013 · I'm currently playing Krieg, and I'd like to know some viable Hellborn builds. So far, I find it the hardest to manage because of the self-inflicted DoT, which seems to take A LOT of Skill points to compensate, as opposed to Bloodlust, which can play keep away, or Mania and it's massive health regen on kill and the EXTREMELY powerful. 09/01/2017 · i'm using King Gothalion's build from his YouTube channel for my Hellborn Krieg, and let me tell you, I was tanking so many hits from the FotF novas going off during the fight with Master Gee was invited to join a friend's game and instantly healing, it was ridiculously funny.

Hellborn Krieg shines with any decent fire weapon and the Flame of the Firehawk, preferably not inflammable to benefit from the hellborn tree's fire DoT buffs, my current Krieg build is immortal as long as FotFH is popping and I'm holding the Grog Nozzle at the same time, no shooting required. The hellborn tree gives the best survivability end game. If you wish to avoid the hellborn tree, then I would suggest using the left tree until level 31, then switching to mania, getting every melee boost you can, including the capstone which makes the whole build come together.

A good Hellborn build?:Borderlands 2 General.

Light the Fuse Fight For Your Life is replaced with Light the Fuse. During Light the Fuse you pull out a live bundle of dynamite and can move normally. Hey everyone, I just purchased Krieg yesterday and lvl'd him to about 20 wanted to try a melee build that will carry me to endgame. I was wondering which tree synergizes with Mania better, Bloodlust or Hellborn?

Hellborn Krieg is an absolute beast even on OP8- seriously, things can die quickly if you're matching elements to enemy weakness and using the right gear in the right way. This build uses RtB as an escape card, not as the main way to kill enemies- that's what your Butchers are for. Here is a level 72 Build for Krieg utilizing the Mania and Hellborn trees dominantly. This is a very fun build to play with alone or with friends that get left behind in the ashes that you create. This build is focused on dealing MASSIVE melee damage and DOT to huge mobs of enemies. Here is. Best gear for a Hellborn focused Krieg build? User Info: Highpitchsolo. Highpitchsolo 6 years ago 1. I know some people like the Firehawk/Orphan Maker combo, and others like the fire Heart Breaker and fire Kitten for their healing properties, but I feel neither of those put out enough damage to. Borderlands 2 Guide: Explosive Hellborn Krieg Build Please show me some feedback on how you like the build. I'll be making more builds for Borderlands 2 for any request in addition to my upcoming Krieg builds.

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